Sunday, 29 January 2012

I want to be a cowboy.....

I always liked the early Vandals and they will forever remind me of Surburbia and the film below.

The Cuckoos Nest was a club made famous worldwide via the Vandals Peace thru Vandalism 12''. The film below is a documentary about how the place was shut down after cowboys started fights they couldn't finish and the Police, as always, picked on the young punks as the bad guys.

There's a very good quality version of the film on torrents btw.

Urban Struggle: The Battle of the Cuckoos Nest by YorkShackleton


  1. Surbia was THE punk movie; perhaps the only one that came close to really capturing punk. I loved the vandals back in the day, but I sort of outgrew some of the songs like "Anarchy Burger", but "Urban Manor" is still a classic of course. Their later stuff totally blew.

    Thanks for posting these clips. You have a cool blog!

  2. Hey, thanks Doomed. You know, I really thought by now I'd have left this music behind, but I still love 90% of it. I guess I still have some fire in my belly to burn yet. I agree that the Vandals later stuff was crap.