Friday, 24 December 2010

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

The Clash - Live at Gateshead Station (1985)

Boy this one transports me back in time. I was sitting at home on a Saturday morning and a mate rings me saying that he's been told the Clash were seen at the monument, a local landmark, and they were busking.

How ludicrous the Clash don't busk!!!

However he persisted and I headed across to town to see if it was true. I met him at volume records, local punk hangout, and via word of mouth we headed down to the exhibition park and found the Clash with loads of punks following them.

We all ducked into a subway and they played a few songs. They'd already been moved on by the police and a conversation ensued where they asked if there was anywhere they could play. A couple of guys who were involved in the running of a local music collective were there and they offered a night at the Station as a venue. Me and my mate headed off home and he instructed me to grab my camera and to meet him later on.

I did this and we met....we headed over to Gateshead and into the Station. This was an old police station that was used by the local punks to run gigs from. I had some fun times there. What a night; the Clash playing an acoustic set in the Station with 100 or so people there...a chair, and floor, being used as a drum.

The gig was recorded, on a walkman, and I took photos, one of which you can see above on this bootleg album. This picture was reproduced in Marcus Gray's book on the band called Last Gang in Town ...I didn't get paid! I still have the negatives from that night somewhere - there's some quality shots among them.

A great, great night where everyone sang along and had one hell of a time. They went on to play at the Mayfair in Sunderland which was also recorded but it was too noisy and crap. I have a few pics from there as well. I think this album was reissued as a CD, probably by the same guy :) I'd love to relive this day.

RIP Joe.


Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Melissa Auf Der Maur

Not Punk........

I like alsorts of music and I love MADM releases. It's a real pity she's such a slacker and only releases stuff periodically. I'm sure if you know her you'll know her history, if you don't, well she used to play bass in Hole and was in the Smashing Pumpkins for a while as well. She has two solo albums and I love them both.

..........this post is purely self indulgent.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Bullet LaVolta - The Gift (1989)

Their first album....for Ken! Enjoy mate.


Black President

Far too new to post and not out of print so.....

Formed in 2005 by Greg Hetson (Circle Jerks, Red Cross, Bad Religion etc etc) and Carlie Paulson (Goldfinger) as a side project. After a few line up changes they settled on Dave Raun (Lagwagon) on Drums (although it's Roy Mayorga from Nausea who plays on the album), Jason Christopher (New Dead Radio) on Bass and Christian Martucci (Chelsea Smiles) on Vocals.

Hetson left the band in 2008, just prior to their album being recorded. I'd HIGHLY recommed it, there's not a bad track anywhere. You can find it here: - Buy me here

Here's a taste of what to expect if you decide to take the plunge and buy won't be sorry believe me; I've played the bloody thing to death.

  • Black President - Short List Of Outspoken Suspects

  • Black President - Last Fucking Hope

MFD - Music for the Deaf (1987)

Speaking of's their first album released in '87 on the great DSI label. They're more mid-tempo than Malefice, but equally as good.


Malefice - Lotus Blossom (1984)

Don't let the crap cover fool you...this is excellent stuff. 

As I've said before, during my trading days you'd get ripped off (Eric Yee - cunt!), you'd also get discs you never asked for, like Beware the Savage Jaw. One I didn't ask for was Overboard 7'' by these guys, but I was immediately interested as the cover reminded me of the Rudimentary Peni drawings -  it didn't disapoint.

This full length release is equally as good.They're hard to describe, but  to say they're a less intense Void would give you an idea and be high praise in my book. This album was recorded before the 7'', so around 1984, but for some unknown reason must have sat on a shelf until it was released in '90. I love it. 

The early lineup consisted of: - 

Timothy Steffes - vocals
John Cobbett - guitar
Mike Clayberg - bass
Jim Richman - drums

Mike Clayberg went on to MFD.


Bullet LaVolta - ST 12'' (1988)

I got a copy of their demo tape the year before this 12'' came out and was hooked, it's much rawer than this release. I knew nothing about the band, but that didn't really matter as the music kicked arse. It was in the punk/metal crossover area, but more punk to me due to the aggression and speed. Once I found out that Ken Chambers from the Moving Targets had joined them I was even more interested.

This is easily their best release and towards the end they became a little generic with lots of metal noodling in the songs. They imploded in the early 90's.


Friday, 17 December 2010

Shudder to Think - It Was Arson (1988)

So...... 1988 and Government Issue are playing my town. Myself and some friends troop down and bounce off the walls for a few hours having a great time. After the gig one of the guys who was involved in getting them to come this far North asked me if I knew anywhere they could stay, as the guy who was going to put them up had fucked off. So I said yes, and ended up putting GI and their support band up for the night.

After feeding them in the morning, I phoned in sick at work, and took the band around my towns second hand records shops. Tom Lyle had my address and promised to send me something as a thank you...true to his word he sent me some discs and tapes. Very nice guy he was....this was one of the releases he sent me.

I'd never heard of the band and I've been grateful every since as I got to experience some more great music. I also got to see them when they played Gateshead when about 40, maybe less, people showed up. I remember the support band was called Frogs of War and were pretty good. Shudder to Think were amazing..


Tank - Blood & Honour (1984)

The mighty, mighty TANK......

This, their 4th album, is another firm favourite. This period saw the band at their peak, and it's such a fucking shame that the world remains oblivious to it. Algy Ward's voice is perfect for this music....enjoy.

This download comes with a free set of lyrics so all you need is a hair brush and you can pretend you're in a band.


Disco Zombies - 3 7''

So...I'm spending an evening drinking red wine and trawling you tube for some entertainment and I come across a Disco Zombies entry which states that they reformed recently for a gig or two to celebrate 30 years. This prompted me to hunt around for their singles. I remember getting Drums over London so clearly and bouncing all over the house to it's catchy punkiness.

Formed in Leicester in 77, they released three 7''; all of which you can find here. It's a shame they never managed to release an album.

Link removed at the request of the reissue record label.

Code of Honor - Live North Hollywood 23-02-1984

I've been after live recordings of Code of Honor for years and I've failed miserably, so it was a pleasant surprise when I stumbled across this one. It's not mixing board quality, but for 1984 it's damn good and gives a nice idea what it must have been like to witness them live.

Have I mentioned I love this band?????