Thursday, 31 December 2009

Essential Logic - Beat Rhythm News (1979)

Formed by Lora Logic after she left (was sacked) from X-Ray Spex in 1978.  The band completed by William Bennett (guitar), Mark Turner (bass), Philip Legg (guitar/vocals), Rich Tea (drums, incidentally one of my favourite types of biscuit), and Dave Wright on saxophone.

They didn't leave a huge legacy of recordings as Lora split the band fairly soon to go solo, before she retreated from music to concentrate fully on the Hare Krishna religion. Lora used some of the sax lines she'd came up with for X-Ray Spex on this release, even though they appeared on the X-Ray Spex album she was not credited.

She rejoined X-Ray Spex in the mid 90's when they reformed. In 2001 Essential Logic were brought back to life and released new material. This release is my favourite, it displays their jarringly creative style really well.


Really Red - Teaching You the Fear (1981)

If I could time travel I'd definately go back to Texas in the early 80's, not because I want to be a cowboy, although watching Roy Rogers at Saturday morning cinema did have an impact, but not that much. Anyway, Texas, what was it about that place that produced such a diversity of style? Big Boys, Dicks, MDC, Really Red all pretty much unique.

Whilst the others may be well written about, Really Red don't get that much exposure, try a net search to see what I mean....yet they should, as they were equally as important as any band you care to mention. 

They didn't release a single dud, but I think this is their best release. I'd be hard pushed to describe what they sound like, suffice to say they are NOT your typical hardcore/punk sound, they are unique.  They were a political band, but the politics never managed to over shadow the music. It's a real shame that after they split that none of them went on to notable bands......and a even bigger suprise.

Really Red were an amazing band and remain a huge favourite.


As an added extra, here's the lyrics to the album. Lyrics

Fastbacks - It's Your Birthday (1981)

No Threes was a record label I followed religiously as they'd produced so many greats. This release was no exception.

Formed in 1979 by Kurt Bloch (guitarist),Lulu Gargiulo (guitar/vocals) and Kim Warnick (bass/vocals) and a million different drummers, on this release it was Duff McKagan later of Guns & Roses. This release is so good, it's pure pop/punk. They lasted until 2001 before splitting up. Their back catalogue is well worth exploring.

If you download nothing else from this site you need to get this one, it's that good. I never get tired of hearing it...shame I sold my copy to a guy in Japan. On the upside he did pay a small fortune for it :)


The Clash - Live, Hammersmith Odeon (1979)

Paul McCartney organised benefit concerts for Kampuchea in '79 at one the Clash made an appearance. This recording was taken from the sound board and was bootlegged many years ago. 1979 is the peak of the Clash for me and this recording shows how good they were.


Wednesday, 30 December 2009

The Mutants

Formed in Liverpool 1976 and split up by the middle of 1978.  A short life for a good band who didn't give a shit what anyone thought of them.  They looked like they'd been created from a punk by numbers set and had a guitarist who looked like Larry Wallis, but again, they didn't give a shit.

Sweet William - Vocals
Al Sation - Bass
Keith 'Kid' Steele - Guitar
Roddie Rodent - Guitar
Paul Pleasant - Drums

This is typical 77 style punk, snotty, stripped down and aggressive....and I love it.  I've coupled both their 7'' here Boss Man and School Teacher.


The Damned - Sessions of the Damned

A collection of radio sessions from 77-84.  It's The Damned....need I say more?

Sluglords - Trails of Slime (1983)

Another one of those "hidden gems" from the hardcore days.

The Sluglords were formed by guitarist Bruno DeSmartass, ex Bad Posture and after sluglords split up some members went on to form Morally Bankrupt. I can't tell you a whole lot about this album as my copy has been in storage for years and there is precious little information on the web about the personnel. Some of the songs featured on this album were also played by Bad Posture in their day.

What I can tell you is that this is a CLASSIC.  It combines great musicianship with a very good mixture of melody, speed and driving tunes. They originated in San Francisco and played many shows, but seem to have fallen well under the radar for some inexplicable reason. Life without Justice has an immediately catchy chorus.  I'd put this is the same bracket as HVY DRT and would urge you to download this if you don't have it. It's a taster, for more info look at the later entry.


Mindfunk - Dropped (1993)

A band started at the tail end of the 80's by ex members of Chemical Waste and Uniform Choice. This is their second, and best, album. Their first was a fairly patchy funk metal album as was the fashion at the time, but displayed glimpses of what they would become on Dropped. By the time this album was released the band had been dropped by Sony records, hence the album title. They'd also replaced a couple of members and now comprised: -

Patrick Dubar - vocals (Uniform Choice)
Louis Svitek - guitar, vocals (M.O.D., Ministry)
Jason Everman - guitar, vocals (Soundgarden, Nirvana)
John Monte - bass (M.O.D., Chemical Waste)
Shawn Johnson - drums

This album showcased the direction the band had taken and was released by Megaforce records. It's a shame it wasn't released on Sony as they might have received the backing they deserved . They really are a well kept secret in stoner rock circles, although they'd hate being put into that bracket and described themselves as "just a rock band". They deserve to be talked about more than Kyuss and it has been suggested that Queens of the Stone Age listened to this album quite a lot.

I've never stopped playing this album since I bought it.  Their third album is definitely worth a listen as well. It's in the same vein as Dropped if a little slower. If anyone likes this let me know and I'll upload the 3rd as well.

Here's the Video of Goddess, the opening track of this cd. Goddess


Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Urban Waste - st (1982)

I think the USA kicked the UK's arse in the 80's in terms of quality, and quantity, of punk/hardcore bands. They had the diversity that the UK had in the 70's. I used to sit with fanzines I'd import/trade/buy from America reading about this hardcore scene like it was some mythical land filled with wonder.

So I clearly remember getting my copy of this record and it felt like I'd stolen the crown jewels. This was one of the holy grails of hardcore and I'd managed to get a copy. I couldn't believe that I paid £4 for it...and that covered the import fees! Score!!!!!

There's not a lot to say about the band if you know who they are you probably already have it, if you don't and you enjoy need to have this in your collection. A true classic.


M.I.A. - Murder in a Foreign Place (1984)

Formed in 1980 as The Swell before they split and three members moved to Orange County and reformed as MIA.  They left quite a few releases behind them with each of them moving a little further ahead in style/format.  This album has always been my favourite as it manages to combine a sophistication with the basics of hardcore, it's the album where they moved from a typical hardcore band to a more poppy/rocking band. It's panned by many as being their weakest, so either I'm very wrong or I can hear something that others don't.

They were amongst the best of the second wave of hardcore and as I keep saying they don't have the profile of so many inferior bands. They should be better known as they were better than credited.  They split up in for good in  '88 and sadly Mike Conley (vocalist) died in early 2008, but the band have since reformed to play shows and continue to this day. If I was forced to compile a top 100 tunes, the title track from this album would be in there.


Basement 5

A band who were inextricably linked to the early punk days. Comprised of: -

Dennis Morris - Vocals (Sex Pistols photographer)
Leo Williams - Bass (Roxy club barman)
J.R. - Guitar
Richard Dudanski - Drums (ex 101'ers and PIL)

Managed by Don Letts, they existed for a short time and left far too few recordings behind. I've coupled their first 7'', first album and their Peel session together in this zip. They're not punk, but I defy anyone not to like the 1965-1980 album. After they split some members went on to form Urban Shakedown, who I remember seeing on a channel 4 telly programme in the early 80's. Another band worth checking out.

Dennis Wilson has a new band with Youth from Killing Joke on bass called Stanley Kubrick Goes Shopping, who sound pretty good.


Monday, 28 December 2009

The Edge

No, not the overratted Irish guitarist, but the band formed by Lu Edmonds (guitar), Jon Moss (drums) when their stint with The Damned came to an end.

In my Damned crazed mind way back when, I was after anything related to the band, demos, live, collaborations and ex members. The Edge were one of those pleasent suprises when I received their first 7'' and none of their releases disappointed me.

Along with Lu and Jon the band was completed by Glyn Havard (bass) and Gavin Povey (keyboards). With the exception of Jon Moss all three members went on to record with a million different and good bands. I'd recommend a net search for their catalogue of work, which is both satisfying and extensive. Gathered here are 2 of the 3 singles', Downhill and Macho Man and their album Square One. Enjoy.

Sadly, my favourite single is missing from this zip this is a request; if anyone can point me to their "Watching You" 7'' I'll be eternally grateful.


HUGE thanks to Roberto for sending me the following file.  Watching You is this best single the Edge released in my opinion and it's soooo good to hear it again after 20 years or so.

Watching You 7''

The Stukas

I really can't remember how I came by this band, I think it was nothing more than being on the Chiswick label, who'd released some diamonds. They're more pub rock than punk rock, but from the first hearing I was hooked. Klean Livin kids is pure gold.

Here are their 3 7'' to enjoy.

The band were: -

Paul Brown - Vocals
Mick Smithers  - Lead Guitar
Raggy Lewis - Rhythm Guitar
Kevin Allen - Bass
John Mackie - Drums


Suburban Studs

Especially for Kenny as I remember you posting on that "other" site that you didn't like them......hopefully you've revised that opinion....if not give these another whirl.

A hugely underratted band who should have been a contender instead of an also ran. How they don't have a higher profile is a mystery to me, even more so 30+ years after they formed and fell apart. They could play their instruments better than most of their contemporaries, they could construct a lasting tune and had all the energy/aggression of any band from the time. 

This is the complete recordings cd that includes a couple of early demos where Steve Heart played saxophone prior to bailing to the Neon Hearts.....a real shame as I think the sax adds an extra dimension to an already great band. The original album lasted up 'till track 17, some of the others aren't up to the standard of the album, but still worth a listen.

So real life has forced itself in the way of me doing this blog.  I intend to upload more files, but they will be very sparodic. In the meantime...Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

The Doomed - Electric Ballroom (1978)

The holy grail of recordings for me. Being a huge Damned fanatic and a massive early Motorhead fan, this is a dream come true. There are other recordings of The Doomed period, but this is the best one I've come across. There's nothing more to say about this other than enjoy.


3 - Dark Days Coming (1987)

After Jeff Nelson and Ian Mackaye recorded the Egghunt 7'' they decided to form a new band together and recruited Steve Niles and Geoff Turner from Gray Matter. Very quickly Ian decided he wanted to move on so the remaining three grabbed Mark Haggerty, also from Gray Matter. They recorded this album and some extra tracks. toured and imploded, all in a very short space of time.

The D.C. scene has to be my favourite anywhere in the world. The incestuous nature of the musicians has produced a huge amount of music, allot of which I know is sitting in a  few very lucky people's basements gathering dust.


Personality Crisis - Creatures for Awile (1983)

There's certain bands you listen to and end up feeling lucky and robbed at the same time. When I listen to this I can't help feeling sad as it's soooooo good I wish they'd recorded more. Personality Crisis were an instant hit with me from the very first hearing and where ever I go I have a copy of this, car, ipod, desktop, laptop it's a constant. If I were to construct a top 50 albums list this would definitely be in there, I absolutely love it.

Hailing from Winnipeg they formed in 79' as Le Kille morphing into Personality Crisis around '81 and splitting up all too soon in 84'. I imagine most people have heard this, but just wanted to throw it out there just in case. They should have been huge.

Chris Walter has written a good biography on the band that's worth checking out Find it here


Thursday, 26 November 2009

Tom Lyle - Sanctuary (1992)

After Rollkicker Laydown disbanded Tom Lyle did some solo work, probably with Pete Moffett on drums again. The ex GI guitarist has released two albums, this is the second and, personally, I think it's a bit of a killer. It's not hardcore and not even punk, it's more in a rock vein. I never get tired of listening to it.

Unfortunately I've never been able to lay hands on his other album entitled "Lyle". If anyone can locate it I'd be very grateful. He really needs to stop slacking and get his arse back on stage, or in the studio, he's too good to waste doing nowt.



A classic is all I need to say. :)


Dove - Wrecking Ball (1992)

After Double-O split up Eric Lagdameo wasted little time in gathering a new band around him recruiting Pete Moffett Drums, Toni Young (ex Red C) Bass, Stuart Casson Guitar and Ben Pape Bass who replaced Toni for the recording of this release. In '86 they entered a band contest and won a $20,000 prize. They spent the money on a more "professional" studio and recorded this excellent album which for unknown reasons sat on a shelf for years.

I was fortunate enough to get a rough tape with some of their songs early on which I wore to death.  When this was released on CD it was a god send. Dreaming Man is just perfect with some of the catchiest guitar work ever. Such a shame they stopped at this.


Rollkicker Laydown - st (1992)

After G.I. disbanded in the late 80's the members went their separate ways to various projects three of them regrouped in the early 90s to record two unreleased G.I. songs as Rollkicker Laydown. This was really a "tying up loose ends project", but on the evidence of this single they could have gone on the produce some exceptional music.

With Tom Lyle on guitar, J. Robbins on bass/vocals and Pete Moffett on Drums they covered so many bands that I love....Wool, Dove, GI, Jawbox and many many more.


Asexuals - Dish (1989)

Continuing the poppy theme......

I remember the Asexuals hitting my radar like a bomb when I heard Be What You Want in '84; a year when many were starting to turn into poor metal copyists. The Asexuals offered a new hope for hardcore and I followed them over the next few years. For whatever reason John Kastner decided to bail from the band in the late 80's and formed the Doughboys. It seemed like the end of a good band. Happily I was wrong.

They released this album in '89 right at the time that Soul Asylum and the Lemonheads etc were at their peak. With this release I thought the Asexuals were surely due for stardom, but the album sank without a trace. From the first hearing I was hooked on this release and it remains my favourite Asexuals release.


Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Manifesto - st (1992)

There's certain labels and artists I like to follow as they always seem to come up with the goods;2 of these artists appear in this band: -

Michael Hampton (Extorts, SOA, Faith, Snakes, Embrace, One Last Wish)
Bert Queiroz (Untouchables, Youth Brigade (dc), Double-O, Second Wind, Rain)

Along with Ivor Hanson (Faith, Embrace, Geek) they formed Manifesto at the tail end of the 80's. This is where I have to put an advisory warning up.....This is POP music.

You could be forgiven for thinking with this pedigree, they would have to turn out a hardcore/punk album, but by this time they'd had enough and wanted to create more challenging melodic music.

If they'd been an English band at the time this was released, I have no doubt they'd have been huge.  This could easily have fitted into the baggy madchester scene and would have pissed allover many of the bands associated with that wave. Listen to Sugar, Walking Backwards, Different day and you'll hear what I mean. I know some people will listen to this and promptly delete it, but I love it and hope you do too.


Tuesday, 24 November 2009

The Outsiders - One to Infinity (1977)

Adrian Borland: Guitar, Vocals, Bob Lawrence: Bass, Adrian Janes: Drums

Such an underrated band.  Tony Parsons once slagged this band off calling them a bunch of hippies, but that just shows what a fool he really is. When I was young I used to dig around record fairs trying to find bands I'd missed, or ignored, in the 70's and this is one I found very early on.This was before the interweb so you had to wade through mounds of crap to find the odd diamond and this one shone brighter than most.

I think it was the cover that attracted me if I remember correctly. I found their two albums shortly after, this was '80 I think. Andrew Borland was one of those quintessential British artists who produced a wealth of material to enjoy. The Outsiders morphed into The Sound in the late 70's and Adrian went on to a flourishing solo career. Sadly he was plagued with mental illness and he took his own life in 1999.

To this day I can't understand how this band can be so over looked when crap like The Killjoys, my opinion, seem to gather speed with more and more saying how good they were. They weren't.....The Outsiders on the other hand were good.

Adrian Borland site: - Here


HVY DRT ep (1985)

I really can't praise this release highly enough, it just reeks of the OC sound. A band comprising members of the Adolescents and D.I. can't really go wrong. Released by the mighty Savage Beat label in 1985 it only had 6 tracks, but it's quality that counts not quantity.

Frank Agnew on guitar and future D.I. members Steve Garcia and Hedge as the rhythm section, along with Micky on vocals and Alfred Cruz on guitar. I can't remember how this record came into my collection, but since I got it I never stopped playing it. If you're into melodic OC HC then grab this, sit back and enjoy.

If anyone can decipher the lyrics to Chocolate Rat I'll buy you a pint as a reward.


The Abductors - Suburban Unrest

Here's a classic for you.  This is a mates band from a million years ago, well 82 or 83, I can't remember exactly, released on a local tape label. The Abductors were from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and were all friends of mine, Carl and Hindey especially. They were typical brit punk from that era, war lyrics etc, but they showed real promise early on. Sadly Carl decided he wanted to go in a different direction and after he left the band split up.

I've not played this for years and still think that the production never captured them in the right light.  They were so much better live and I have a different mix somewhere which beats this final released version. We all had fun bouncing around the place to them when they played live. Sadly I've not seen these guys for 20 plus years.

Nuclear Socketts (1981)

Formed in that hotbed of 70's UK punk, Kings Lynn.  They were much loved by John Peel, who gave them lots of airtime. Releasing two excellent singles in 1981, both of which I snapped up after hearing them. Their first Honour before Glory sold so well the band started their own record label, Subversive records. The second, Play Loud, is still a huge favourite of mine and really shows the diversity of punk at the time and how good the band could have been had they not split up.

A flexi disc was released by Trees & Flowers fanzine in 81/82 which I'll upload one day when I dig it out the loft.

A quick search before posting showed that there's been some recent(ish) activity with them.  Overground records, ran by that lovable Minehead reject John, have gathered together the two 7'' plus a John Peel roadshow recording. This can be found here: -

Link removed due to someone reporting me.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Void - Hit & Run Demo

Formed in '79, but they really made their mark in the early 80's as part of the DC hardcore scene.  They must be one of the first bands to fuse metal with hardcore, pre-dating the crossover trend by a good few years. Their crowning glory will always be the Faith/Void split album released in '82 released on Dischord, but this comes a close second.

I hated this band when I first heard them...after 4-5 listens I loved them, and still play them to this day. Enjoy....or hate, whichever it may be :)

Tank - This Means War (1983)

A Damned related post.

After Algy Ward had his spat with Rat in 1980 and was "exited" from the band he wasted no time in recruiting a couple of very talented brothers, Pete & Mark Brabbs, and he formed Tank. Very much in the Motörhead template, they appealed to punks and metelheads alike in their early days. Their first album is a cross over classic.

This is their 3rd album and show cases the direction they took until their split in the late 80's. I have a huge fondness for Tank and have great memories about getting pissed with Algy in '82 when he reminisced about stories of The Damned and setting people on fire.  Ahhhh great days.

Metallica were big fans of Tank and it's a huge travesty they aren't better known as they put to shame 99% of the NWOBHM. They reformed a few times over the years, but sadly Algy has now left them due to health issues. God bless him and his hammer!

Tank official website: -
Algy's my space: -


The Damned - Fuck Off & Die - Live at the Whiskey a go go (1979)

I couldn't name the blog "13th Floor Vendetta" and not have some Damned on the first day.  Here's a great live gig by THEE best punk band of all time.  This shows them at their chaotic best, insulting the crowd, fucking up, ripping up their own, and others, songs as they tear through their set.


Cracked Actor - Nazi School 7'' (1981)

I thought long and hard about what to make my first post and here's the winner. I remember hearing this record in '82 when a friend bought it and it's been a favourite ever since.

They were grouped in with the early 80's hardcore, but they have a more punky feel to me. This a a band who you just know have recordings sitting in a box somewhere waiting to be released; until that day we'll have to do with this. The guitarist Jim Majowski resurfaced recently in a new band who you can check out here, they're purty darn good.