Saturday, 26 February 2011

Outcasts - Magnum Force (1981)

You couldn't help to stumble across the Outcasts in the late 70's, early 80's as the quality of their releases just demanded to be heard; that and the fact that they were on Good Vibrations.

I stuck with band until the angel face release at which point  I fell off my chair and they pretty much lost me for the rest of their career....7 deadly sins is just awful. None the less, between '78 and '81 they were unstoppable, releasing classic after classic.

This 7'' is their peak in my opinion, they really were a great band. Formed in '77 and lasting until their demise in '85, they released 8 7'', 2 12'' and 3 albums. The most stable line up consisted of : -

Greg Cowan - Vocals/Bass
Colin Getwood - Guitar
Martin Cowan - Guitar
Colin Cowen - Drums


They were also an incredibly modest band as this video shows :)

Magic Michael - Millionaire (1979)

Back to my Damned obsession and a release featuring

Captain Sensible - Guitar
Algy Ward - Bass
Rat Scabies - Drums

Michael (cousins) was well known on the hippy scene and he has other releases out there; I have no idea what any of them are like. I bought this at the time as I was a fully paid up member of the Damned Disciples and wanted anything to do with them. I miss those days.

Is this punk? I don't know, but I do know it's Damned good,did you see what I did there? :)


Funeral - st 12'' (1981)

A band featuring past, or future, members of the Rik L Rik band, Tex & the Horseheads and the Weirdos. With such great names you'd expect this band to be able to produce the goods...... and they do. Part of the So Cal sound they have a more poppy edge to their delivery as is the case with many Cali bands.

This 12 '' has five songs and each one is excellent, even when they slow it down on Darkness on your doorstep they still keep you fully engaged. This is a great release which was on my "wants list" for years and it never materialised for me, so I made do with taped copies.

Their only other release at the time was a 7'' that I might post later on. I believe they may have had a retrospective compilation released.

They were: -

Mike Marrt - Guitar/Voice
Matt Dorset - Guitar
John Neff - Bass
David Thum -  Drums


Friday, 25 February 2011

Government Issue benefit gig

I wish I'd been able to see this...I swear if they do another show I'm getting on a plane and flying over.