Friday, 15 June 2012

Punk at the Beeb

For the none UK residents it might come as news that the BBC has been running a Punk Britannia series on BBC4 recently. On the one hand this is really interesting and encouraging; on the other it’s same shit, different day. This is due to the beeb rolling out the same old faces to talk about music/life 35 years ago. I won't dwell on this too much as I could go into full rant mode, which is never pleasant, but safe to say that so far we've heard most of it before.

This is a three part series where the beeb have, so far, done a "pre punk" episode and a "punk" episode. Charlie Harper has so far made the most relevant quote in that "the first wave was art school students, the second were punks" and I paraphrase there, but the gist is accurate. I'm hopeful that the 3rd episode, due tonight, will go beyond '78 as it's SOOOOOOOOOOOOO boring to hear from the same people that punk died in '78. It didn't; FACT! (I kinda doubt it’ll go past ’78 though).

Alongside these three episodes they have been throwing in documentaries on various people and programme made up of live performances or a collection of appearances on the BBC.

The files below are a recording of TV Smith and encompasses his entire career from his pre Adverts band, Sleaze, through the Explorers and Cheap to his current solo/acoustic career. It has some great footage of the adverts and covers their lifespan from the band we all know to the, very, short lived 1979 incarnation.

Now here comes the apology.

I'm not that up on technology and I have no idea how to compress the recordings I've made of some of these programs, so the links below are large. ….4 gig so it’s best to start this before you go to bed if you want it.

I intend to post all the punk Britannia series along with a couple of the other programs, such as a Poly Styrene documentary and a couple of live progs/compilations. However, as they're so large they have the chance of pushing me over my mediafire limit they will only be available for a limited period of time; probably 3 months. So if you want it, download and enjoy as they will be taken down.

You need both of these to unzip and watch.

Mediafire 1
Mediafire 2


  1. Oops... Both have been updated and checked, it should work now.

  2. Your files are in what format? VOB? look for a decent format converter, I currently use format factory, and convert to AVI / XVID and you will have files of a much more managable size, also freeing you space for storage!

  3. They're mpg's. I bought some little prog off the net that is nice and configurable, to a poiint, that allows me to record streaming media. I've not come acorss format factory, but will check it out. Thanks for the heads up.