Friday, 6 September 2013

The Sensible Gray Cells - A Postcard From Britain

Captain Sensible & Paul Gray back together again.

Home page here where you can buy the cd or download (in October). I love Sensible so I'm bound to love this....and I do.

A track from the album.....

More stuff.........


  1. hmmmmmm I am liking what I hear....but then again, when Paul Gray was in the band that was my favorite era of The Damned. Really looking forward to this

  2. Mine too mate, with Strawberries being my fave album.

  3. 79 - 83 my fav era too, that's why I made the Tragic Roundabout video free of charge! doing my best to promote good music.

  4. Damon, that a great video so huge well done on there. Love the song, but I did find it a bit rich that Ray is trying to get us to drink responsibly, considering he spent most of the 70's/80's pissed as a fart...well he was always pissed when I worked for him :) How on earth did you find this lil ole blog?

    1. Think it's an age thing! they were all pissed all the time, the whole albums reflective