Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Gwar singer dies aged 50

Really sad news, again, and another one who's so young. 

I found out about this one via Boyd from Black Market Baby and to say it was a shock would be an  understatement. I have the first three Gwar albums and have followed them pretty closely ever since; missing the odd album here and there. Each of their albums are so easy on the ears, for me, and I loved the way that the humour came across, a blessing and a curse to them I'd guess. I think he wrote some great sing-a-long songs and I love his voice.

I saw them a few times in the early days and will never forget the second time with just a few hundred people. The next day you felt like you were in a special club as you could spot people who'd been to the gig as we all had redheads where the fake blood had sweated into skin pores. The world needs bands like Gwar; funny, irreverent with kicking tunes....it's will be less fun without him around.

Rest in peace Dave.

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