Wednesday, 17 September 2014

HVY DRT - Live !!!

This is rarer than rocking horse shit....HVY DRT,!

There were a number of reasons I started this blog and one of the main ones was the fact that HVY DRT hadn't appeared anywhere. To me they were a band who deserved to be much better known and appreciated.When I got there 12'', a million years ago, I was knocked out. They epitomised the SoCal sound that I'd hooked into from the rodney on the roq compilations of the early '80's.

So, it was with great suprise and excitement when I was contacted out of the blue by someone who knew the band and said they had a copy of a live tape. They'd managed to give it to someone in a studio who cleaned it up and this is the end result. I've had this for a few months, but as things are mental I've not had the time to post...poor excuse I guess.

I have no idea when this gig was, it wasn't the above date as I found that on a sharepoint site. I'll contact the very kind person who sent me this and update this post later on with facts. All the song titles are 100% correct, so apologies for not knowing the date, but I wanted to get this out there as it deserves to be heard...and appreciated :)

These guys are sooooo tight it's unreal. The songs off the ep are played with such skill they are hard to tell from the studio versions, clearly they're live, but they are tight as hell and played at the same tempo....almost note perfect across this whole show. Really impressive.

This is a real piece of history...a huge thanks to the fellow music obsessive who gave me this copy and the band for just being fucking great.



  1. Update: The actual flyer for the show this was recorded is available at:


  2. Wow, this is incredible. I've been listening to the same six HVY DRT songs for thirty-plus years until I stumbled on this. I can't believe it. Hedge's bass playing on the EP and on this show is phenomenal. And you're right, the entire band is absolutely tearing it up.

    I gotta share a story about what an idiot I am. I only ever had a dubbed cassette copy of the EP so back in the mid-90's I thought I would use this new-fangled thing called the internet to try and locate a copy of the vinyl. It took a little while but lo and behold I found a record store called 45 Revolution right here in Long Beach (now defunct) that said they had a new (!) copy. I drove right over and sure as shit, they had like a half dozen brand new, still sealed copies for something like $4.60 each. Here's where the idiot part comes in: I bought *one*. One single copy. I don't know what I was thinking. Every time I think about it, I get sad. Hopefully, they are in good hands somewhere.

    Anyway, thanks a ton for posting this up. It's an incredible document of my absolute favorite Orange County punk rock band (which is saying something). It's good to be ugly!