Saturday, 18 September 2010

Fear - The Record (1982)

I know most people, with an ounce of taste, will have this already, but it's a tribute.

Derf Scratch, born Frederick Milner III on October 30th 1951, died on July 28th. Derf, who formed Fear with Lee Ving in 1977, played bass until '82 sadly passed away after suffering from a long term illness.

This album is one of the defining moments of my youth. I bought it, I hated it, I loved it, I still love it

It's a total pisser when the bands/artists you grew up with start dying off, but thankfully they leave a legacy greater, and more enjoyable, than most of us could dream of. RIP Derf


  1. Love them! Though I prefer their pre Fear The Record demos, but the album still is a classic! Did not know that Derf had passed away

  2. Totally utterly ooh I'M SO HETEROSEXUAL woman hating reactionary-totally-got-the-wrong-end-of-the-stick-about-"Punk"-jock-cretins-fucking laughable man...sorry but honest to god??
    What's that,you say? "They existed to upset pussies like me"? Well big fucking wow.AND that's right I'm mr anonymous cos it aint worth a dialogue cos it's all been said before.So why bother saying anything? Well cos I'm a pussy motherfucker who needs a baseball bat round the head,obviously.No offence,really,but that is a J.O.K.E. and a manufactured one at that,ok.

  3. Apologies for the above comment;It wasn't about music taste (I like alot of US Punk/Hardcore) it's just that it always makes me see red when bands,even if they are trying to bait a crowd,use someone's sexuality as a way of singling them out."Punk" wasn't about was about standing up to that bullshit.Listening to some of the most memorable lyrics,including John Lydon's or Richard Hell's,or indeed some of the best U.S.Harcore,you get a sense of that.Punk,for me,was about intelligence as well as attitude,and sometimes yeah there would be violence at gigs (got the t-shirt I promise you) but if it was against someone for being in a minority then it sucked and still does.Look at some of the nasty,cowardly comments to that video on Youtube:"I don't know why,but two of my favourite words are "faggot" and Queer" said one,while another went something like "hur hur the guy was right,those SF types WERE all middle class queers". i mean "hello?".
    I Apologise because your blog is cool and I should have been on Youtube if I wanted to make a point.p.s.R.I.P. to the guy :)

  4. Just wanted to apologise for my commment on Oct 24th...The post was clearly a tribute to someone who had recently passed away, and my sub-Youtube troll comments were well out of order.
    I hope you can accept this apology.I must try not to "Drink and Post" in future. :)

  5. You know.......months later I still can;t work out why you were so pissed off about people who tried to provoke a reation...surely that's all the more reason not to rise to the bait.

    Demon drink I guess.

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  7. Hmmm sad, homophobia has no place in todays world. Glad you you like MaDM and thanks for the encouraging words.

  8. Have a Happy New Year m8 and I look forward to Next year's posts :)