Saturday, 6 October 2012

The Monorchid - When the Mutes Begin to Root 7'' (1996)

Oh D.C. how I love thee.

Another great Washington band with a real heritage, The band consisted of: -

Chris Thompson - Vocals
Andy Cone - Guitar
Chris Hamley - Guitar
Andy Coronado -Bass
Tom Allnutt - Drums

While this band may not be a household name, Chris Thompson should be as he's been in, Lunch Meat, Soul Side, Ignition, Circus Lupus, Fury, Las Moridas, Skull Kontrol, Red Eyed Legends and a couple more besides.

The Monorchid offer really good angular hardcore punk n roll. If you like any of the bands above, you'll like this...if you've never heard any of the bands above, why not give this a shot and see what you think. The band released 3 7'' and 2 albums, all are worth tracking down.Chris' vocals on this 7'' always reminded me of Mark E Smith.

This is a vinyl rip, so it comes with free pops and hisses; just like the old days.


How can you be lonely when your house is haunted?


  1. A real treat, m'man. 'Have had this 7" for a million years - saw the band on a bill with Chisel, Pitchblende and Cold Cold Hearts, methinks - but never had the stones or the gear to digitize this treat. Lucky me! Thanks much.

    1. Now that's a gig I'd have loved to have been at...I'm so jealous. Enjoy the rip...I'm planning on uploading their other 7'' soon(ish).