Sunday, 11 November 2012

(Joe Cool and) the Killers - Killer (1978)

DO NOT be put off by the silly name...this is a classic punk album.

Formed in May 1977 in Brighton Joe Cool & the Killers released 1 7'' and this album and both are fucking great; the 7'' went for a small fortune a few years back, probably rightly so tbh. If you like the old UK 77 punk, or high energy punk, then is a must for you. It's truely great.

They were picked up by the same guy who spotted, and took to fame, Leo Sayer. That fact alone would be enough to put anyone off, and once you throw in the name most people would put their trainers on and start running for the hills. What a mistake that would be.

They lasted until late '78 and split up. I have no idea what happened to any of the band with the exception of Tony Mayberry who joined The Depressions.


Uploaded as a request from Raul....hope you enjoy it.


  1. Great album! Thank you very much Neil for posting it! Raul

  2. Great album indeed :) The 7'' will be posted shortly.

  3. "Total aggression music" as Joe Cool himself described it. The front man was my old man. He carried on playing and singing and entertaining people his whole life. JC was my hero and we lost him to MND in 2007 - seems like yesterday. Tony passed a few years before. Suchard is around and has a son who plays. I do too. Every day my dad's songs follow me around - "you're bad news baby you ain't no big deal". There's more on JC and the Killers on the PunkBrighton site. I have loads of clippings, photos, as well as memories of gigs as a child... my dad always loved the NME review, straight out of Spinal Tap for the album "shabby and derivative". He had a wicked sense of humour. I Just Don't Care is the standout song I think "people tell me I'm half crazy and they tell me that I'm lazy and I just don't care." The band supported the Jam and the Stranglers and had a great time by all accounts.

  4. Nice info Jamie, thanks. Your dad had a really cool band who should be much better known as they were really good. LoL at the NME review, what did they ever know anyway. I've put a link to the Brighton site...which I'd recommend to anyone reading this. Cheers.