Friday, 25 February 2011

Government Issue benefit gig

I wish I'd been able to see this...I swear if they do another show I'm getting on a plane and flying over.


  1. Pure class! I would hope that they would take this on the road and play on the west coast. Scream has done about 5 shows here, so maybe they will follow lead. Nice post!

  2. Sadly I don't think thtat'll happen in GI's case Ken. I'd love to see it as well as I'd genuinely consider hopping on a plane to see them again.

  3. My, what a late post.
    Travelled down from Baltimore to see their last show. Before the internet and easy ticketing so of course it was sold out. Saw Fire Party over at dc space instead. Somehow not the same. I now live too far away to have seen this, but actually was thinking about going (briefly).

  4. Do it if they ever play's not looking very promising though. :(