Saturday, 26 February 2011

Outcasts - Magnum Force (1981)

You couldn't help to stumble across the Outcasts in the late 70's, early 80's as the quality of their releases just demanded to be heard; that and the fact that they were on Good Vibrations.

I stuck with band until the angel face release at which point  I fell off my chair and they pretty much lost me for the rest of their career....7 deadly sins is just awful. None the less, between '78 and '81 they were unstoppable, releasing classic after classic.

This 7'' is their peak in my opinion, they really were a great band. Formed in '77 and lasting until their demise in '85, they released 8 7'', 2 12'' and 3 albums. The most stable line up consisted of : -

Greg Cowan - Vocals/Bass
Colin Getwood - Guitar
Martin Cowan - Guitar
Colin Cowen - Drums


They were also an incredibly modest band as this video shows :)


  1. Class band through and through. Love everything they did up until 7 Deadly Sins...I heard from a real good source that they are getting back together for Rebellion this year.

  2. It'd be nice to see them back, This is one of a handfull of uk bands I never got to see.