Monday, 30 May 2011

Auweia! - There's no freedom, there's nur Scheisse (2010)

I've never really been a fan of non English speaking music, primarily as I want to be able to sing along and I find that very difficult when I've no clue what's being said. There are a few bands I listen to and I'm sure I'm missing out, but I've got more music than I can shake a stick at anyway so.....

.....a mail landed last night from a band asking me to link them....hmmm they sing in German, I'm not gonna like this. The mail, probably a mailshot, said: -

Hey we want to spread our first lp all over the world :D so maybe you like our sound. we play german punkrock in style of the good old 80ties like tin can army, toxoplasma, slime or razzia. so it would be an honour for us if you relink it on your page! Keep the spirit alive D.I.Y. until we die!
We also got some english translations in our lyricssheet!

It's all true, this is old style punk, great tunes and if it was in English I'm sure I'd be horse from singing along. The fact that this isn't in English doesn't detract,this is seriously good..

You really need to give this a listen, makes me miss the old days. I've no idea who they are, or their history, but I'm going to find out and if I can help spread the word of their stuff to one person it's job done as far as I'm concerned. Lebensqualität is my fave track so far.

Album here

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