Friday, 24 February 2012

Scream - Complete Control (2011)

How strange life is; I was just thinking I wish I still got excited about new music the way I used to as a nipper, and then this arrives and well, er, I got excited. This is fucking great, seriously good. Don't expect Still Screaming as it's more in line with the Fumble era, but three reasons why that makes this 100% better than most releases: -

1. It's Scream.
2. It's Scream.
3. It's Scream.

This is the original line up reformed and releasing new material for the first time in over 20+ years. Where does life go? Pete, Franz, Skeeter, Kent and a new guitarist Clint Walsh have made me one very fucking happy bunny. If my zimmer frame wasn't broken I'd be pogoing right about now.

Seven new tracks recorded in Dave Grohls studio finished with a stomping version of Demolition Dancing by the Ruts.You need to invest a few quid and buy this....pure gold!!!!!!


  1. awesome
    happy you're happy
    cause this blog is making me happy

  2. I have this and fully agree....this is scorching! Glad that on my side of the pond bands that are getting back together are NOT embarrassing themselves...lets hope that like AOF they record new stuff and keep it going!

  3. Thanks Casey :) Totally agree looks like Scream are heading across the pond as well as recording so it's looking good

  4. Could you re-up tha EP? That would be great, thanks!

    1. Sorry Loehrer, this release was never up for grabs. I don't publish new music...sorry.