Sunday, 11 November 2012

(Joe Cool and) the Killers - Killer (1978)

DO NOT be put off by the silly name...this is a classic punk album.

Formed in May 1977 in Brighton Joe Cool & the Killers released 1 7'' and this album and both are fucking great; the 7'' went for a small fortune a few years back, probably rightly so tbh. If you like the old UK 77 punk, or high energy punk, then is a must for you. It's truely great.

They were picked up by the same guy who spotted, and took to fame, Leo Sayer. That fact alone would be enough to put anyone off, and once you throw in the name most people would put their trainers on and start running for the hills. What a mistake that would be.

They lasted until late '78 and split up. I have no idea what happened to any of the band with the exception of Tony Mayberry who joined The Depressions.


Uploaded as a request from Raul....hope you enjoy it.

Emma Peel - Avenging Punk Rock Godfathers 7'' (1993)

Now here's a band that I wish had continued to produce more as this is such a great 7''.

I have no clue as to how they formed, but I'm thankful they did and left this gem behind in their wake. A band who comprised the following personnel: -

John (Stabb) Schroeder - Vocals
Rob Frankel - Guitar
Steve Hansgen - Bass
Danny Ingram - Drums

This long out of print 7'' was released on Tragic Life records in 1993.

The sound isn't too dissimilar to latter day Government Issue, so you know it has to be good. I've rambled on about the members of this band at various times before and they should be pretty well known to most fans of hardcore. A, possibly, little known fact is that Steve Hansgen joined Boyd Farrell and Mike Dolfi. both ex Black Market Baby, in Rustbuckit a while ago.... a band who's record is soooooooooo song overdue that I've almost worn out my demo copy!!!!

I have a live set of Emmapeel somewhere....I'll upload it one day.


Friday, 9 November 2012

Honey Bane

No download...just pointing out that this is a good album released last year. A cool mix of punk, dub and alternative. Listen to the album at the bottom...or buy it... only 7 bucks!

Violence (grows) Grew off the album.