Saturday, 5 March 2011

Tom Lyle - Lyle (1991)

Sooooo I know one person who might not like seeing this up here, but as the old saying goes "publish and be damned"!

This is Tom Lyle's first solo album and like his second, posted earlier, it travels down the rock path. I really like his solo records, to me, they're the right blend of rock and punk with an industrial twinge, a mix that really works for me. The bass and guitar sounds he gets on these are right down my street, I just love their tone.

At the risk of repeating myself he needs to stop slacking and get on the other side of the mixing desk in the studio.

Here's a link to a nice interview with Tom from scannerzine.


HUGE thanks to Phil Swanson for hooking me up with this copy of this CD.

Also HUGE thanks to Milo for supplying the front and back images...cheers both. :)


  1. This is excellent. I was a huge GI fan and as you say Tom was a great guitaist. Thanks for this.

  2. Gotta check this out right away, thanks for sharing Neil!

  3. No probs....I hope you liked it.