Saturday, 13 August 2011

Rebel Truth - st 7'' (1983)

I'd never heard this 7'' before I received it, but threw it on my wants list after reading a review in some fanzine. My list was a little A5 booklet that I posted to anyone willing to trade records and some kind person sent me this pretty soon after it was added.

A Californian band whose sole legacy was this 7'' until a few years ago when a compilation cd was released with lots of extras; this is really worth tracking down. The 7'' came with a lyric sheet and a sticker of their logo; my copy had the outer circle coloured in red pen and it sat on my bass guitar for years.

For some people Rebel Truth aren't as instant as some bands, I loved them from day one. I still play this in my car today and I've never grown tired of it.


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  1. From Sacramento, which is 2 hours east of where I live (us Californians don't consider that very far of a drive) comes Rebel Truth. They burned bright and fast and then fizzled. Played San Francisco some and they had a good following. Wish they would have released more stuff though. Same town as Tales Of Terror came from, another great Sacto band!
    Ken Days Of Our Youth