Thursday, 8 March 2012

K-Line - In the Red ep (2002)

The name Ed Wenn might not be familiar to some people, but I bet the name Ed Shred is; they're one in the same person. Ed is best known for the roles he's played in The Stupids, Bad Dress Sense and Billy No Mates as well as a slew of others. If you know the Stupids you'll know their love of American hardcore a love that Ed certainly has and this band displays that so well.

Formed at the tail end of the 90's the band went through a few changes in personnel before settling on: -

Zac Slack - Vocals
Ed Wenn - Guitar
Paul Duncan - Bass
James Sherry - Drums

They released one album, that is 100% THE best album of 2003, and two ep's before calling it a day in 2004. When the album was released they were often likened to a Dag Nasty/Fugazi mix with a pinch of the Ruts thrown in for good measure. K-Line display all the hallmarks of a great melodic hardcore band, it's a shame they didn't last longer.

The album is still available on amazon for £7 to download, it comes highly recommended from me...for what that's worth.



  1. ED's a good buddy of mine and is currently working on a new Big Ray album with Michael Hampton. Pretty awesome. K-Line was absolutely top notch. Nice giving it exposure.
    Chris Shary

  2. Ohhhh Hampton and Wenn is a bit of a dream team in my book; can't wait to hear the results. I have pretty much all the bands Ed's been in and none have disappointed.

  3. Yeah the demo stuff I have heard has a lot of promise. Dream team is indeed a good way to put it. I may be doing cover art for the project as well. That makes me stoked as well.
    Chris Shary

  4. Any news on when we can expect this to be released Chris? I'll keep my eye peeled for who did the artwork...fingers crossed for you.

  5. It's all super demo style at the moment and it may be a year or more until it's done. We have discussed a painting for the cover, which is odd as it may not have a physical release at all. If you look to the side bar and see the SST Acoustic album on WILDDEVILRULES, that's one of my covers. Love that one.

  6. That's really nice, I wish I was that talented.....sadly my drawings the same as when I was two years old.