Thursday, 19 April 2012

Brian James - Ain't that a Shame 7'' (1979)

Back in my Damned obsessed days, still thee best band ever,......I was absorbed by anything Damned related. So after the Damned dissolved and post White Cats (Rat), King (Sensible), Doctors of Madness (Vanian) & Tanz Der Youth (James) this single came onto my radar and I went mental, rushing across town to buy it. Ensconced in a Listen Ear bag I hastened into my house, threw it onto the turn table, set the speed to 45 rpm, and was blown away. 33 years later I'm still blown away by this 7''.
It's so easy to forget just how good Brian James' song writing ability was. The first Damned album is, nowadays, often over looked in favour of the 3rd - 5th albums; I do this myself. However, every time I return to Damned Damned Damned I recall just why I got into the Damned in the first place; it was Brian's writing. 

This 7'' is pretty much the peak of his post Damned work for me. He, obviously, went on to the Lords of the New Church, which you can find on MRML. A great band who released some fantastic vinyl and were stellar live. However if you're looking for great power pop from one of the godfathers of punk look no further; this is your one stop shop for audio ecstasy. Enjoy!!!

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Thanks to JohnnyVonNowhere for reminding me why I started this blog. Cheers man.


  1. This was the single I was missing...stoked!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Cheers to you, keep up the good work and know that it truly is appreciated!

  3. awesome single. do you have his other single or know if it is worth hearing? thanks!

  4. I do have it somewhere, I though I had it on this computer, but I don't. It must be on another storage device somewhere. I'll try and dig it out. I still have the 7'' on green vinyl but no longer have a turntable to rip it from.

    It is worth hearing as it's part of the same session as this 7'', just released 3 years later.

    The drummer on these tracks is Stewert Copeland from Police fame.

  5. Great post! Would love to get the mp3.

    Here's a recent retrospective of the Lords of the New Church:

    1. Jim send me a mail and I'll be able to help you, but I can't re-up this one here :/