Saturday, 5 May 2012

Adam Yauch - 8/5/1964 - 4/5/2012

I awoke this morning to the sad news that Adam Yauch died yesterday due to cancer.

The Beastie Boys first came to my attention via their the NY compilation and then the Polly Wog Stew 7''; which was great. After that time they were a band a followed sporadically, but each time I dipped my toe into their catalogue it produced results. Rap isn't a genre I have a lot of time for, but the Beastie Boys managed to mix it up into something different and enjoyable each time. Such a shame and he was only 47 as well.

TV is already calling it the end of the BB's, I hope not as they always made me smile. However, to me, the Beastie Boys will always a that crazy hardcore band I discovered 30+ years ago.




  1. I feel exactly the same, BB have always been a special band, the kind of those who push the genres boundaries. Really sad news.

  2. Couldn't agree more Whistler...well put.

  3. As Punk as fuck- No higher praise can be issued. RIP MCA.