Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Public Image Limited - One Drop (2012)

I just bought this after waiting days for it to be available digitally; I'm too lazy/busy to go into town to buy a physical copy.

Based upon the title track I had HUGE high hopes for this, but sadly it's failed to live up to expectations. Four tracks One Drop (brilliant), I Must be Dreaming (hmmm none distinct), The Room I am In ( I can't decide if he's trying to relive the brilliance of religion, but whatever it is, it falls a long way short), and Lillipop Opera...which is interesting, kinda infectious and also kinda funny.

Oh well, maybe the album will deliver the goods, but I have to be honest, on the evidence of this four track I'm not gonna hold my breath as I may keel over all blue in the face and stuff.

On the bright side, 4 tracks for £2:40 and I'd have paid that for the title track alone!

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