Monday, 6 August 2012

The Freeze - In Colour (1979)

Speaking of obscure records; here's one. This is the Freeze from Scotland and it's a "must have" record. I'm being lazy and watching the Olympics (go Team GB) so I'll post more about them when I upload their second 7''.




  1. This is great stuff!!!!!!!! Could you please do their second single...PLEASE??

  2. For you Kenny?...always. I'm pleased to hear you enjoy the first 7'' and here's hoping the second grabs you in the same way. :)

  3. Now this is Christmas! Many a fond moment spent watching the Freeze live in Edinburgh in 79-80, got both the singles but no way to rip them, and bingo, after a little wait (errr, thirty odd years), here they are! Magnificent, and the only way to say thanks, as one should, is to up the 1980 Peel session they did:

    Recorded - 27/10/1980
    Broadcast - 20/11/1980
    Producer - Tony Wilson
    Engineer - Ted De Bono
    Engineer - Nick Gomm
    Studio - Maida Vale 4

    01. Quietly Burning
    02. Lullaby In Black
    03. And Then We Danced
    04. Sunday

    Gordon Sharp (Vocals)
    David Clancy (Guitar, Keyboards)
    Keith Grant (Bass)
    Graeme Radin (Drums)

    Link coming up in a mo ... in the meanwhile, great that you keep the blog going despite the Mediafire massacre, and I see from previous posts you're a big McGeoch fan as I am, saw Magazine in Edinburgh in '80, so for a poster of that gig and all the demo/live Magazine I have (and I think all there is), just cast your eyes this way:

    Right, the Freeze session is still uploading so I'll post this and return with the link in a later comment ... and hi to kenny too, we've bumped into one another on the web before. Thanks a million Neil, and enjoy the Magazine, cheers, Dave Sez.

  4. Bollox, mediafire won't work at the moment. I'll reboot and try again - and I may have put the same link twice for the Magazine megapost, so here's part two:

    Tata for now, Dave Sez.

  5. At last feedyamire gets on with it. Freeze Peel session here:

    Cheers, Dave Sez.

  6. Dave...this is brilliant man. LOVE the peel sessions so a massive thanks for that and a huge apology for the delay in replying, but I've been away for a bit. There's a few things that I regret from my younger days and one of them is selling my Magazine ticket as I wanted to go elsewhere that night.....if only my time machine was working I'd go back and slap myself around the face for being a tool.

  7. Hi Neil, no problem for not replying straight away! Glad you liked the Peel session - pity I don't have the other one too. Hope you liked the Magazine, that's all I could find. If you like the early Gang of Four, I've done several posts of theirs here: - check the comments to each post as I often put additional recordings links there. If you like early Ultravox (pre-Ure), I've also posted all there is here:, and check comments. Adverts demos: Wilko Johnson rarities: Early Feelgoods: Rare Ruts: Vintage punk summer sampler:

    There, that ought to keep ya busy! Enjoy, and you can always drop me a line here, I've bookmarked this page. Cheers, Dave Sez.

  8. Dave, I love the magazine stuff you linked...sandwiches is just perfect and is pushing for my fave version. Sadly tho, I cant get the ruts link.....any chance of a reup??

  9. Glad you liked it, Neil! Try the Ruts again, the link is working fine, at least at this end. Cheers, Dave Sez.

  10. Any chance of re-upping the Basement 5 album, Neil? Ta, Dave Sez.

  11. Thanks a million, Neil! You'll see that I also updated your Doomed post with a new link. Cheers, Dave Sez.