Monday, 17 September 2012

ISM - I Think I Love You (1983)

The early days of hardcore were sometimes confusing for a guy based 1000's of miles from the center. This band were categorized as hardcore, as comicbook and lumped in with the Berts by some, but make no mistake they're really important and were at the epicenter; as soon I got this 7'' I was hooked.

In my opinion, this a great New York band who came my way via a compilation tape and quickly made their way onto my "wants list". They are really chaotic, yet can clearly play their instruments and manage to make a discordant racket sound like the best thing since sliced bread.

This 7'' needs to be heard. A really good band who lasted for far too few years, but they managed to release a couple of albums, and 7'' along with a 12''. I'd suggest getting them all.


This 7'' is pure genius.

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