Monday, 23 August 2010

Chris Bald - Infinity (1991)

The Chrisbald 96 a band who comprised the following people at one time or another: -

Chris Kirschten  (Chris Bald)
Christina Billotte (Autoclave, Slant 6)
Jerry Busher (Fidelity Jones)
Jon Kirschten (Rain)

Chris cut his teeth as bass player in Faith before swapping one singing brother for another; Alec MacKaye for Ian, and effectively renaming Faith, Embrace. What a great album they produced; I clearly remember having their demo tape stuck to my head for over a year.

After Embrace called it a day, he moved onto Ignition and released some great material. This is nothing like those bands, but I like it none the less.



  1. please add the download link, thanks.

  2. Hmmm not sure how that broke, but thanks for pointing it out and it's fixed now.

  3. downloading now, let me say before listening that i'm very excited to be able to grab this, i'm expecting a lot since Ignition is my favorite music ever made. thanks so much!

  4. would love for you to re-up this. Always loved the loveletterbomb song.