Monday, 23 August 2010

Double-o - ST (1983)

Collecting records way back when was a huge delight and also a huge disappointment as you unearthed a new gem/steaming pile of shit. This falls into the former category. It was also a steal as a mate was offered it before I got the chance, the idiot said no. I treasured this 7'' for years  and only played it once, to transfer it to tape, until I was forced to sell it a few years ago.

A band made up of D.C. royalty: -

- Eric Lagdameo "Eric L."
- Bert Queiroz
- Jason Carmer
- Richard Moore

Everything about this 7'' is perfect, from the great thick cardboard sleeve to the musicianship to the great songs. I'd have given my left nut to have seen these guys live.

I still can't understand HOW these guys were not on 20 years of dischord???? Mediafire

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