Monday, 16 August 2010

Scream - Live at Van Hall (1988)

Scream were a firm favourite of mine and really need no introduction...but here goes.

Formed in 1981 by Pete and Franz Stahl, singer and guitarist, together with Skeeter Thompson, bass and Kent Stax, drums. They would soon be recognised as one of the foremost hardcore bands and released the timeless "Still Screaming" album in 1983. With the addition of Robert "Harley" Davidson they realeased the equally, if not slightly better, "This Side Up" album in '84. A weak, in my opinion, 3rd album, Banging the Drum, followed just before Kent left the band.

He was replaced by Dave Grohl, previoulsy of Mission Impossible, who played on their 4th and 5th albums, No More Censorship and Fumble. The band called it a day in 1990 with Pete and Franz forming the excellent Wool and Dave going on to.......well we all know that right!

I had the good fortune to see these in around '88 with Generic and White Flag supporting. A mate videod the whole night and I still have a copy of the gig on tape......I'll have to get that transferred to dvd some day. It's a great watch as Scream put on a blinding performance.

This gig was recorded in Amsterdam in '88 and is long out of print. Mediafire


  1. Scream's first two ablums were amazing. FYI they have been playing shows again with the original lineup. They came through my neck of the woods and from what I heard they were awesome!

  2. Just looking around and spotted this... Was the Scream show you are talking about at the Riverside? It sounds like one I was at, but I am thinking it was 1986. White Flag played too - can't remember which band headlined. Some footage of that show has surfaced on youtube. Did your mate possibly tape the same show I was at? My flatmate was friends with the singer of Generic but for the life of me I can't recall if they played. Mottek seems to have played the '86 show. Honestly a mixture of being obsessed with USA bands only, mixed with being totally plastered has made forget. I would love to get a copy of the '86 show and would be glad to fork out for it!!

    Here's the youtube excerpt from the 86 show ---

    Did White Flag support them in both '86 and '88?? Cheers!!

  3. It was at Riverside and you're probably right about it being '86; I'm getting old and slowly losing my marbles. Mottek were the 4th band that I couldn't remember.

    That link is a straight rip from my tape, onviously I wasn;t the only one with a copy. I used to bootleg videos back then and tossed a couple of copies to certain people,..Whyatt being one I can remember.

    If I ever get round to digging it out of the loft I'll upload it somewhere.

  4. Scream have a played a few shows lately. I saw them @ The Echo in Silver Lake. They are still a great live band. I have video of a few of the songs if anyone is interested I can post them to YouTube.

  5. this is a GREAT album,thanx a lot for posting it...good blog...

  6. I couldn't agrre more farawy. Thanks for the support :)

    Nice name btw.