Friday, 17 December 2010

Disco Zombies - 3 7''

So...I'm spending an evening drinking red wine and trawling you tube for some entertainment and I come across a Disco Zombies entry which states that they reformed recently for a gig or two to celebrate 30 years. This prompted me to hunt around for their singles. I remember getting Drums over London so clearly and bouncing all over the house to it's catchy punkiness.

Formed in Leicester in 77, they released three 7''; all of which you can find here. It's a shame they never managed to release an album.

Link removed at the request of the reissue record label.


  1. This is so killer Neil!!! You've outdone yourself.

  2. Great stuff! Why in the hell have I not heard these gems????? Kind of like Satans Rats, Cigarettes, or a little of The Pork Dukes. Fantastic post Neil!

  3. I have another gem to throw up soon. A local band I'd completely forgotten about until a guy at work reminded me. How could I forget!!!!