Friday, 17 December 2010

Tank - Blood & Honour (1984)

The mighty, mighty TANK......

This, their 4th album, is another firm favourite. This period saw the band at their peak, and it's such a fucking shame that the world remains oblivious to it. Algy Ward's voice is perfect for this music....enjoy.

This download comes with a free set of lyrics so all you need is a hair brush and you can pretend you're in a band.



  1. I remember reading the "Sounds" letters page years and years ago when Sounds was a big supporter of the "New wave of British Heavy Metal" scene (NWOBHM..heheh) and some asshole was slagging Algy ward because he'd played in The Damned,and therefore he wasn't a "true" metaller...! what a po-faced fucker.Things were so tribal back then-cos it sounds laughable now.
    Tank did kick some serious ass though,you're not wrong there."Hell Hounds of Hades"..wasn't that one of theirs?

  2. Just seen the other link.."Filth Hounds..." that was it! Yeah I remember now..a girlfriend of mine was a huge Tank fan ;)

  3. Hell fuckin yeah