Sunday, 19 December 2010

Malefice - Lotus Blossom (1984)

Don't let the crap cover fool you...this is excellent stuff. 

As I've said before, during my trading days you'd get ripped off (Eric Yee - cunt!), you'd also get discs you never asked for, like Beware the Savage Jaw. One I didn't ask for was Overboard 7'' by these guys, but I was immediately interested as the cover reminded me of the Rudimentary Peni drawings -  it didn't disapoint.

This full length release is equally as good.They're hard to describe, but  to say they're a less intense Void would give you an idea and be high praise in my book. This album was recorded before the 7'', so around 1984, but for some unknown reason must have sat on a shelf until it was released in '90. I love it. 

The early lineup consisted of: - 

Timothy Steffes - vocals
John Cobbett - guitar
Mike Clayberg - bass
Jim Richman - drums

Mike Clayberg went on to MFD.


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  1. Actually this was released in the mid-80s. I bought the original (with a different, uglier cover) back then. Thanks for the post, I hadn't heard this in some time.