Saturday, 17 December 2011

Lost Cause - Born Dead 7'' (1981)

Lost Cause were formed in early 81' by five young punks and disbanded in mid '82 which was all too brief a period for a good band. Way back when my band used to cover this song....very badly I have to say. They were: -

Johnny Ernst - Vocals
Steve Young - Guitar/vocals
Scott Mitchell - Guitar
Helmut Zarth - Bass
Danny Oberbeck - Drums

They hailed out of California and went on to record an album in early 1982 before splitting up.



  1. Guitar for No Crisis went onto MIA for their last album as well as Big Drill Car. Great OC band BTW.

  2. Thanks for posting this. Lost Cause was known for several of their songs which were popular in 1981 at gigs and parties. They were playing with Circle Jerks, The Vandals, T.S.O.L., Fear, Agent Orange, 45 Grave, Social Distortion, Meat Puppets, Middle Class, The Gears, etc. Their most popular songs were: Born Dead, Misfit, Airport Religion.

  3. You're welcome. Born dead is a minor classic

  4. is this possible for a re-upload?