Thursday, 22 December 2011


As I've said by the early 90's I'd embraced a far wider range of new music due to many of the punk bands treading a formulaic path. Tool were one of the bands I was lucky enough to catch onto very early and was even luckier to see them a few times with 100 or so people the first time 200 the second and 400 the third. The next time was a crowd of a thousand and the last time was five thousand.

I clearly recall seeing them so close their sweat was splattering me and I was transfixed....they were incredible up close. This is a youtube find that has a link to download an earlyish live appearance. I was a huge Tool fan before they lost their edge, but I still love their early work.

There's another guy on youtube posting this but he's disabled embedding so the above film isn't his but the text below is: -

I uploaded this to megaupload for you all to download. It is the best quality version available and will look better than what you see here.
Download the two (2) files and join them with hjsplit.

Download both of the files:

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