Friday, 23 December 2011

MDC - Thanks for Giving Me What I didn't Want 7'' (1993)

I travelled to Sheffield in '82 to see the Dead Kennedys play the Lead Mill with Peter & the Test Tube Babies and the UK Mau Maus.....luckily we got the see MDC who were also supporting. I remember standing outside in the cold waiting for the doors to open as we'd got there about 8 hours early. Sometime later Jello walked past and stopped dead in his tracks to see my mates bikers jacket with Minor Threat on it; he was shocked we knew who they were. 

We'd also discovered MDC and their first album was a major hit with most of my friends, so to see them live was incredible. They, and the DK's, put the UK bands to shame; they looked so tame in comparison.   

The merchandising stall was selling the fledgling Maximum Rock n Roll fanzine and I grabbed a copy of issue 1 and 2. I got Dave Dictator to sign issue one later in the night. I still have that somewhere. I'd give my left nut go travel back in time and witness that gig again.

Here's an out of print 7'' from '93.