Friday, 23 December 2011

MDC - Thanks for Giving Me What I didn't Want 7'' (1993)

I travelled to Sheffield in '82 to see the Dead Kennedys play the Lead Mill with Peter & the Test Tube Babies and the UK Mau Maus.....luckily we got the see MDC who were also supporting. I remember standing outside in the cold waiting for the doors to open as we'd got there about 8 hours early. Sometime later Jello walked past and stopped dead in his tracks to see my mates bikers jacket with Minor Threat on it; he was shocked we knew who they were. 

We'd also discovered MDC and their first album was a major hit with most of my friends, so to see them live was incredible. They, and the DK's, put the UK bands to shame; they looked so tame in comparison.   

The merchandising stall was selling the fledgling Maximum Rock n Roll fanzine and I grabbed a copy of issue 1 and 2. I got Dave Dictator to sign issue one later in the night. I still have that somewhere. I'd give my left nut go travel back in time and witness that gig again.

Here's an out of print 7'' from '93.



  1. Ahhhh good ole MDC..... I don't have this one. I will check this out!

  2. Argh now you have me on a MDC kick......