Saturday, 5 May 2012

Adam Yauch - 8/5/1964 - 4/5/2012

I awoke this morning to the sad news that Adam Yauch died yesterday due to cancer.

The Beastie Boys first came to my attention via their the NY compilation and then the Polly Wog Stew 7''; which was great. After that time they were a band a followed sporadically, but each time I dipped my toe into their catalogue it produced results. Rap isn't a genre I have a lot of time for, but the Beastie Boys managed to mix it up into something different and enjoyable each time. Such a shame and he was only 47 as well.

TV is already calling it the end of the BB's, I hope not as they always made me smile. However, to me, the Beastie Boys will always a that crazy hardcore band I discovered 30+ years ago.



Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The internet's not always for porn.

Crackles aside, this is pretty gob smacking.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Detours- Live

You know, hearing "Hang Ten in East Berlin" by the Detours was a total WTF moment; this is unreal!....people make music like this?...where do I sign up? Forget Discharge, forget the Exploited, forget all that...this is where I'm at.

I "borrowed" a great book from Virgin records in early '81 that listed all the Punk and New Wave records to date and from here me and a mate would compile wants lists. I read about a mythical Detours 7'' that, to this day, I still can't be sure actually exists. I've chased that so many times's never materialised.

About ten years ago I managed to get a few live mp3's of the Detours and I've hunted stuff ever since. Tonight on the off chance I threw the detours and the name of a bootleg album into google and found the following live to download!!!! Does it get any better than this?

For those that don't know the Detours predated the Adolescents and DI, both of who used songs from the Detours repertoire in their live sets and on vinyl.

Go here to read some great stuff and to see who the band consists of these's a who's who of SoCal.

The Detours


Finding this has made my-fucking-night......enjoy!

Dead Boys - All the Way Down 12'' (1987)

Here's a 12'', long since deleted and not currently available


The Doomed - Live (1978)

The Damned (as the Doomed) with Henry Badowski in '78.


Pic unashamedly lifted from the great second time around website. Lifted as I couldn't find a pic with Badowski playing live and also 'coz I was working for the Damned when this picture was taken. Boy, oh boy, I wish I could relive those few months.

2nd time around

Public Image Limited - One Drop (2012)

I just bought this after waiting days for it to be available digitally; I'm too lazy/busy to go into town to buy a physical copy.

Based upon the title track I had HUGE high hopes for this, but sadly it's failed to live up to expectations. Four tracks One Drop (brilliant), I Must be Dreaming (hmmm none distinct), The Room I am In ( I can't decide if he's trying to relive the brilliance of religion, but whatever it is, it falls a long way short), and Lillipop Opera...which is interesting, kinda infectious and also kinda funny.

Oh well, maybe the album will deliver the goods, but I have to be honest, on the evidence of this four track I'm not gonna hold my breath as I may keel over all blue in the face and stuff.

On the bright side, 4 tracks for £2:40 and I'd have paid that for the title track alone!

Killing Joke - Live Toulouse 15/04/12

I never thought I'd ever be able to say I like a Killing Joke album more than their first, but with 2012 I think they've done it. Pure perfection.

Here is a live gig from a couple of weeks ago. Cheers to John G for finding this for me, as always, much appreciated mate.


Rip Your Knickers Off ! !! !!!

What a great film, or fil-um as we say in my neck of the woods. My thoughts on what I just watched: -

Eric Hall = Tosser.
Danny Baker = Diamond geezer.

Generation X - Tony James is so posh & Gen X were so good.
Marc Bolan = !!!!!!!
Poly Styrene = A true original.
X-Ray Spex = The sound track of my school daze.
Viv Albertine = Still in love with you as much as I was as a teenager.

Quotes of the fil-um:-

This is it; this is the next trend in music. This is the next big thing. Everyone was looking for the next big act, rather than total clearout time which is what's happened.

1970's become a land mark in history.

(btw the title of this post is a line from the film....made me laugh so I thought I'd use it)