Saturday, 5 March 2011

Flag of Democracy - Love Songs (1984)

A mate got a copy of this when it was released after he played it to me I got my copy imported straight away. Hailing from Philly they weren't a band I'd heard that much about prior to getting the 7'', but based on this I followed them for years. They're still going today, which is pretty amazing for a hardcore band, and have released records on a consistant basis.

They managed to mix deranged full tilt hardcore with a good amount of melody that still excites 27 yeras later. Formed in 1982 and barr the odd line up change they have been: -

Jim McMongle - Guitar/Vocals
Dave Rochan - Bass/Vocals
Bob Walker - Drums

Although the drummer on this release was Mike Giannonele.

For more info check out their website here.


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  1. Yeah, another classic gem here..i had the EP back in the 80's and i remember, i lent it to someone who called i friend and still have not returned. Since all the trouble comes up again....KILLER!!