Saturday, 5 March 2011

Governemt Issue - Beyond (1991)

Obviously I'm on a bit of a GI kick at the moment, so to continue it, here's an album released in 1991 and looong since deleted. This was an album of outtakes etc and included a nice version of asshole with Ian Mackaye singing.

All the GI albums are currently being polished up and re-released as extended sessions. I bought a copy of the great Boycott Stabb a few weeks ago and strangely it doesn't have the MacKaye version of asshole, it marries Stabb and Ian together on one track. I have a bootleg copy of the demos for this album somewhere that I'll post one day.


<3 GI


  1. Big thanks from a longtime GI fan.
    Sharing the rips of the two dvds of GI on me po' blog if interested along with the history of.

  2. Thanks for this one. I have been listening to a cassette of this for years, almost... decades. It is sooo good.Actually my favorite GI album. Thanks thanks thanks.

  3. YW. It's always nice to help a fellow GI fan.