Monday, 21 March 2011

Rain - La Vache Qui Rit (1990)

I haven't mentioned Bert Queiroz for a while so here's a release from 1990 featuring him.

This album was recorded in 1986, but didn't hit the streets until it was released in 1990. Recorded at the tail end of the revolution summer in DC which should give you a clue as to what it sounds like: - Rites of Spring, Embrace, One Last Wish etc. Don't say this too loud, as it's almost a dirty word these days, but back then this was called emocore aka emo. Don't run off to slash your wrists, this is actually a really, really good record.

Another one of those insectious bands that I love so much: -
  • Bert Queiroz - Vocals
  • Jon Kirschten - Guitar and vocals
  • Scott McCloud - Guitar and vocals
  • Eli Janny - Drums
These guys have been in some great bands and Rain were no exception. They lasted the blink of an eye before dying. This is typical of that era for DC and each song is a mix of harmony and the passion that exemplified 1986. I really can't think of another scene that popped so many short lived bands onto the scene that made such good music. I was born in the wrong town and wrong country.



  1. Cool, thanks for this. I'll have to take a listen later. Hey, check out chain & the gang's new album if you get a chance. I like it. Ian Svenonius is a kook.

  2. OK, i remember this band. They were on that state of the union comp from ages ago. Not bad but not great. They sound like a rights of spring clone. Yeah, i can see why you might like this scene but i grew up around it and it became really annoying and self-righteous after awhile. For "emo" bands i would have to say rights of spring and gray matter were my favorites. Soulside were cool too but don't know if they are considered "emo". Embrace was horrible. I think IM would agree. Thanks again for the tunes.

  3. Totally agree that the emo offshoot became self-righteous and it was probably best that it only lasted a short(ish) while. I have to 100% disagree that Embrace were horrible though; I love them.

    It might be coz I love Ian's voice or the fact that I think this was Michael Hamptons finest moment...but really it's coz they produced a fine album. I had a copy of this as a demo tape early on and it seemed like there was real hope as oppossed to the horrible 4th rate metal that other bands went into.