Saturday, 23 July 2011

Crucified Barbara

Gotta thank John, again, for alerting me to this band.

Coming out of Stockholm, Sweden, Crucified Barbara Started as a punk band in the late 90's but morphed into a metal, and some say glam, band fairly quickly. Steer clear of this post Kenny; you'll hate them :)

They have two albums so far, both great, the first one being harder and more punky...ish. Comprising: -

Mia Coldheart (Karlsson) - Vocals, lead guitar
Klara Force (Ronnqvist Fors) - Guitar
Ida Evileye (Stenbacka) - Bass
Nicki Wicked (Jannicke Lindstrom) - Drums

I'm not a huge metal head, but I like some and these girls are right up my street, they play hard, uncheesy and catchy songs. Devil horns all round \o/

I could watch this one on repeat for days; Ida's bass playing is hypnotic, great tone.

Oh yeah, let's spend the night
We'll crucify you with no pain, yeah right
Four pieces of dirt and lust
Goddamn it, in distortion we trust

Run fast, you're going down
We are the superstars from Sheep Valley town
The noise will blow your speakers away
If you don't like the shit you don't have to stay

Wicked sounds on the gasoline drums
The Evil eye is watching you
Strings of steel Forces you down
The Crap is mad and it's shouting out loud


  1. Holy crap, that sounds very extreme metal. I'm sorry, but unfortunately i cannot see anything exciting.

  2. Hey wild, sorry you don't like it, but I knew some people wouldn't. :) I wouldn't say it's extreme, it has a hard edge, but not really extreme imo. I love a Girlschool or Rock Goddess for the new millennium.

  3. Why are Sweedish women SOOOOOOOOO hot....not too bad musically ethier...or is that they are HOT....hmmmmm
    Ken Days Of Our Youth

  4. Damn, I thought it's about the music, hahaha,,