Thursday, 7 July 2011

The Stranglers ......

Just noticed this on their official website...woot!!

"We finally felt ready to start the recording process.

Quite a few ideas had been rejected, others had been kept on the back boiler not quite complete but not totally disposable.

Are these lyrics naff or are they saying something? Is this just a fourth form rant or is it meaningful? Does this melody remind you of anything or anyone? What rhythm can we hang this melody on? Is this song at the right tempo? Does this piece sound like prog rock? Is there enough space in this one?

Well, the first four pieces are underway. Their titles are Freedom is Insane (which many of you wll have heard during the tour earlier this year), Giants , Time Was Once On My Side and Boom Boom (not the John Lee Hooker song).

Watch this space..."

Their last two albums were a REAL return to form and if you haven't seen them live since Paul They're a fantastic live band again as a four piece, with Baz doing a great job as the other frontman.

The Stranglers.

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  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhh man this such great news!! You are sooooo correct, the last two albums, Norfolk Coast, and Suite XVI were real good albums...this is awesome news!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ken Days Of Our Youth