Monday, 28 March 2011


A nice little ditty from an old nu-metal/crossover/rap-metal....ah bollocks they're just a good band.....

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Cult Maniax - Blitz (1982)

It wasn't all American hardcore for me in the 80's there were some UK bands that blew me away, this is one of those bands and they had me for a good number of their releases. John Peel was another source of good music and you'd be glued to his nightly show from 10pm 'till 12 hoping to hear something new. The Black Horse ep was played by Peel and was a good introduction to the Cult Maniax, but this release was jaw droppingly good when I first heard it in a local record shop called Listen Ear.

They formed in the late 70's and released their first record in '81. They managed to release records on a regular basis until they split in '86. I never get tired of playing the A side of this 7''.


The Chameleons - In Shreds (1982)

In January it was a year since my mate died and I toyed with the idea of posting a few releases that he'd got me into back when, but thought it was perhaps a little twee so decided not to. However, there is one release that he got me into in '82 that immediately transports me back in time to his bedroom waiting for him to crimp and spike his hair; the tosser took years to do anything, prior to going out to get drunk....and this is it.

I should have started by saying this ISN'T punk, it was classed as post-punk....make of that what you will. The Chameloens weren't a band I knew much about back then as this was the only release by them I owned. I've recently bought their first two albums and can really recommend them if you're a music fan. They were formed in Manchester in 1981 and lasted until the late 80's releasing a number of albums and singles. They reformed for a brief period in 2000. The most stable line-up comprised: -

Mark Burges - Vocals/Bass
Reg Smithies - Guitar
Dave Fielding - Guitar
John Lever - Drums

The music is a melodic wall over which Mark Burges spits his dark and personal lyrics. You might not like this, but I suspect if you take the time to d/l and listen to whole thing you will. They were often placed along side the Cure and Echo & the Bunnyman at the time.


Monday, 21 March 2011

Rain - La Vache Qui Rit (1990)

I haven't mentioned Bert Queiroz for a while so here's a release from 1990 featuring him.

This album was recorded in 1986, but didn't hit the streets until it was released in 1990. Recorded at the tail end of the revolution summer in DC which should give you a clue as to what it sounds like: - Rites of Spring, Embrace, One Last Wish etc. Don't say this too loud, as it's almost a dirty word these days, but back then this was called emocore aka emo. Don't run off to slash your wrists, this is actually a really, really good record.

Another one of those insectious bands that I love so much: -
  • Bert Queiroz - Vocals
  • Jon Kirschten - Guitar and vocals
  • Scott McCloud - Guitar and vocals
  • Eli Janny - Drums
These guys have been in some great bands and Rain were no exception. They lasted the blink of an eye before dying. This is typical of that era for DC and each song is a mix of harmony and the passion that exemplified 1986. I really can't think of another scene that popped so many short lived bands onto the scene that made such good music. I was born in the wrong town and wrong country.


Thursday, 17 March 2011

Craig Wedren - Are We

Christ, I've been slacking lately, but the job is currently mental....anyway....

Here's a link to the video of Craigs latest release. He was the singer in Shudder to Think, and as the comments from Kenny show on the "It was Arson" post earlier, his vocal style may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I really like it. This song is just a beautiful, relaxing slice of music; it's really good.

It's a mad video that's interactive, have a look and grab the screen and then spin the hell do they do that shit?? The director is Tim Nackashi who diredted the OK Go vidoes, which are also great to watch.

Video here

Sorry I'm not cleaver enough to know how to embed it...but to be honest it's better where it is and should be watched in full screen.

For more information please visit here.

Here's a few of my fave Shudder to think songs: -

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Battalion of Saints - Second Coming 7'' (1983)

I remember getting a delivery from the postman with about 15 records in it, Fighting Boys 12'' was one of them. I put in on the record player (old school) and was knocked out. From that day, to this, they've remained another firm favourite and everything they released until they split in '85 was priceless.

This is their 7'' version of Second Coming and 28 years later I still can't decide if I prefer this or the album version, but they're both great. This version is faster and rawer while the album version is far heavier and slightly more metal. I'd loved to have seen these live with Chris Smith.

I'm assuming everyone knows about this band so I won't do the history etc; if you don't, get this, and then visit Taang to buy their cd's.


Governemt Issue - Beyond (1991)

Obviously I'm on a bit of a GI kick at the moment, so to continue it, here's an album released in 1991 and looong since deleted. This was an album of outtakes etc and included a nice version of asshole with Ian Mackaye singing.

All the GI albums are currently being polished up and re-released as extended sessions. I bought a copy of the great Boycott Stabb a few weeks ago and strangely it doesn't have the MacKaye version of asshole, it marries Stabb and Ian together on one track. I have a bootleg copy of the demos for this album somewhere that I'll post one day.


<3 GI

Flag of Democracy - Love Songs (1984)

A mate got a copy of this when it was released after he played it to me I got my copy imported straight away. Hailing from Philly they weren't a band I'd heard that much about prior to getting the 7'', but based on this I followed them for years. They're still going today, which is pretty amazing for a hardcore band, and have released records on a consistant basis.

They managed to mix deranged full tilt hardcore with a good amount of melody that still excites 27 yeras later. Formed in 1982 and barr the odd line up change they have been: -

Jim McMongle - Guitar/Vocals
Dave Rochan - Bass/Vocals
Bob Walker - Drums

Although the drummer on this release was Mike Giannonele.

For more info check out their website here.


Tom Lyle - Lyle (1991)

Sooooo I know one person who might not like seeing this up here, but as the old saying goes "publish and be damned"!

This is Tom Lyle's first solo album and like his second, posted earlier, it travels down the rock path. I really like his solo records, to me, they're the right blend of rock and punk with an industrial twinge, a mix that really works for me. The bass and guitar sounds he gets on these are right down my street, I just love their tone.

At the risk of repeating myself he needs to stop slacking and get on the other side of the mixing desk in the studio.

Here's a link to a nice interview with Tom from scannerzine.


HUGE thanks to Phil Swanson for hooking me up with this copy of this CD.

Also HUGE thanks to Milo for supplying the front and back images...cheers both. :)