Thursday, 14 April 2011

Alloy - Untied 7'' (1992)

Vic Bondi time again......

He formed Alloy with Roger Marbury - Bass (Dag Nasty, BMO), Patrick Mahoney- Guitar and Colin Sears - Drums (Dag Nasty, Minority of One). However by the time this record was released, in England, Colin had been replaced with Pete Hines (Murphy's Law, Cro Mags).

The A side is about the end of the cold war and is pretty much what you'd expect from Vic Bondi. This is a mid tempo release with a really nice hook, well I think so anyway, but I'm bias. They released two 7'' and three albums, all of them are well worth tracking down.

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  1. This single made it into the UK indie charts when it came out - when you listen to the two songs then it's no wonder.