Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Possibly the best album of 2011???

So way back in the early 80's I was a fan of Hanoi Rocks, they weren't punk, but they certainly had an attitude and played some great tunes. Their first two albums are the best, but by album 4 they'd lost me altogether.

I've followed various members bands and solo careers ever since, with varying degrees of interest. Did you know that Sam Yaffa was a member of Murphy's Law...interesting music fact. I've got one Mike Monroe solo album and it's ok so, to be really honest, I wasn't that enthusiastic when a guy at work turned me on to his latest solo effort, but I gave it a listen...and wow it's great. Thanks again John.

His current band consists of two parts Hanoi Rocks: - Himself and Sam Yaffa on bass
One part Wildhearts - Ginger on Guitar
One part New York DOlls - Steve Conte on Guitar
and one part Danzig/Chelsea Smiles - Karl Rockfist on drums...what a rock n'roll name!

The whole album is great with not one filler track....this is the first single from the album.

His site is here.

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