Friday, 1 April 2011

Idols - You (1979)

After the Heartbreakers disbanded Jerry started a band with a couple of ex early London scensters and an ex doll: -

Steve Dior - Guitar/Vocals
Barry Jones - Guitar
Arthur Kane - Bass
Jerry Nolan - Drums

This was their only release and it's really good, but sadly after a stint back in the states Jerry was refused re-entry to the UK due to his previous drugs infractions and it ended the band. Steve and Barry kept playing around and they eventually morphed into the London Cowboys with Glen Matlock.



  1. relly a great single,one of the best of the Dolls family,i've had this,sold it years ago,saved it on mini disk(hey,it was pre mp3 era...)and ripped on my pc last year...see if it sounds better than mine,thanks!

  2. thanks for posting the download, i was looking for it!!!!!

  3. just in case it was missed, just thought to point out that the last London Cowboys double cd (Relapse)set that came out (on Jungle) included the Idols single (which I agree is a classic and played the original 7" to death when I got it) and a couple more unreleased songs by them also.

  4. Hmmmm I never knew this, cheers for the info.