Saturday, 28 November 2009

3 - Dark Days Coming (1987)

After Jeff Nelson and Ian Mackaye recorded the Egghunt 7'' they decided to form a new band together and recruited Steve Niles and Geoff Turner from Gray Matter. Very quickly Ian decided he wanted to move on so the remaining three grabbed Mark Haggerty, also from Gray Matter. They recorded this album and some extra tracks. toured and imploded, all in a very short space of time.

The D.C. scene has to be my favourite anywhere in the world. The incestuous nature of the musicians has produced a huge amount of music, allot of which I know is sitting in a  few very lucky people's basements gathering dust.



  1. ahhhhhhhrgggggggggg...Graymatter

    Saw those guys once....and it turns almost to a fight because we take some jokes out of the singer.....what a laugh

    Haha..nice flashback

  2. Ohhhh nice. Where'd you see them?

  3. Well i live in Holland....saw them in NIjmegen ( Doornroosje), must be in the "89-'90 or so

    I remember the lead singer came nacked on the set. I think he was gay or something...that's why we were laughing at him....but he didn't liked it. So they stopped playing and began to yell and scream blah die blah

    But i liked their first record

  4. I bought this when it first came out since they were on Dischord. I liked it okay, but found myself playing the Beatles cover over and over the most.