Thursday, 26 November 2009

Asexuals - Dish (1989)

Continuing the poppy theme......

I remember the Asexuals hitting my radar like a bomb when I heard Be What You Want in '84; a year when many were starting to turn into poor metal copyists. The Asexuals offered a new hope for hardcore and I followed them over the next few years. For whatever reason John Kastner decided to bail from the band in the late 80's and formed the Doughboys. It seemed like the end of a good band. Happily I was wrong.

They released this album in '89 right at the time that Soul Asylum and the Lemonheads etc were at their peak. With this release I thought the Asexuals were surely due for stardom, but the album sank without a trace. From the first hearing I was hooked on this release and it remains my favourite Asexuals release.



  1. No probs Topper...if you wnat any of their earlier stuff just shout up.

  2. Great album and probably my favorite by them. Love the Doughboys too.

  3. Thanks for posting! I had this on cassette when it came out, and yes, from the first moment I heard it, I LOVED it! So many good songs on this album. Haven't had access to my cassette in years (in a box in parents basement on another coast in another country) but at least now I have mp3's. Yes!

  4. Hey man it's good to help anyone who appreciates this album. Pure gold.