Thursday, 26 November 2009

Rollkicker Laydown - st (1992)

After G.I. disbanded in the late 80's the members went their separate ways to various projects three of them regrouped in the early 90s to record two unreleased G.I. songs as Rollkicker Laydown. This was really a "tying up loose ends project", but on the evidence of this single they could have gone on the produce some exceptional music.

With Tom Lyle on guitar, J. Robbins on bass/vocals and Pete Moffett on Drums they covered so many bands that I love....Wool, Dove, GI, Jawbox and many many more.



  1. Thanks for this one and have to say I am at a loss because I never heard of it before. I fancied myself a fan of G.I. but other than Jay Robbins I never kept up with their post-G.I. bands.

  2. Jay's done some excellent stuff since leaving GI...Burning Airlines being my favourite.