Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Manifesto - st (1992)

There's certain labels and artists I like to follow as they always seem to come up with the goods;2 of these artists appear in this band: -

Michael Hampton (Extorts, SOA, Faith, Snakes, Embrace, One Last Wish)
Bert Queiroz (Untouchables, Youth Brigade (dc), Double-O, Second Wind, Rain)

Along with Ivor Hanson (Faith, Embrace, Geek) they formed Manifesto at the tail end of the 80's. This is where I have to put an advisory warning up.....This is POP music.

You could be forgiven for thinking with this pedigree, they would have to turn out a hardcore/punk album, but by this time they'd had enough and wanted to create more challenging melodic music.

If they'd been an English band at the time this was released, I have no doubt they'd have been huge.  This could easily have fitted into the baggy madchester scene and would have pissed allover many of the bands associated with that wave. Listen to Sugar, Walking Backwards, Different day and you'll hear what I mean. I know some people will listen to this and promptly delete it, but I love it and hope you do too.



  1. I was never crazy over Madchester (I knew a lot of people who actually owned Inspiral Carpets albums though) but i have a weakness for old hardcore kids trying to play pop.

    Welcome to the Neighbourhood.

  2. Yeah I wasn't a fan of the scene either, but like you I have the same weakness :)

    Thanks for the welcome.

  3. My old band played with them once, they were nice guys. Ivor has a book out now too. Do you have Clear-which was post-Manifesto material?

  4. No I don't have you? I'd be really interested in hearing it.