Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Basement 5

A band who were inextricably linked to the early punk days. Comprised of: -

Dennis Morris - Vocals (Sex Pistols photographer)
Leo Williams - Bass (Roxy club barman)
J.R. - Guitar
Richard Dudanski - Drums (ex 101'ers and PIL)

Managed by Don Letts, they existed for a short time and left far too few recordings behind. I've coupled their first 7'', first album and their Peel session together in this zip. They're not punk, but I defy anyone not to like the 1965-1980 album. After they split some members went on to form Urban Shakedown, who I remember seeing on a channel 4 telly programme in the early 80's. Another band worth checking out.

Dennis Wilson has a new band with Youth from Killing Joke on bass called Stanley Kubrick Goes Shopping, who sound pretty good.



  1. Urban Shakedown were phenomenal, I first saw them on Channel 4's Whatever You Want (hosted by Keith Allen} back in the early 80's. I saw them live 3 times and have still got their "Big Bad Wolf" 7-inch. Dennis played fretless bass and did vocals. He had this incredible bass sound that I think possibly used echo, flange and wah wah effects. It brings Me out in goose bumps justs thinking about it. I'd have loved to have layed My hands on a demo tape.

  2. If I forgot to say so before, thanks a bundle, Neil! Cheers, Dave Sez.