Monday, 28 December 2009

The Edge

No, not the overratted Irish guitarist, but the band formed by Lu Edmonds (guitar), Jon Moss (drums) when their stint with The Damned came to an end.

In my Damned crazed mind way back when, I was after anything related to the band, demos, live, collaborations and ex members. The Edge were one of those pleasent suprises when I received their first 7'' and none of their releases disappointed me.

Along with Lu and Jon the band was completed by Glyn Havard (bass) and Gavin Povey (keyboards). With the exception of Jon Moss all three members went on to record with a million different and good bands. I'd recommend a net search for their catalogue of work, which is both satisfying and extensive. Gathered here are 2 of the 3 singles', Downhill and Macho Man and their album Square One. Enjoy.

Sadly, my favourite single is missing from this zip this is a request; if anyone can point me to their "Watching You" 7'' I'll be eternally grateful.


HUGE thanks to Roberto for sending me the following file.  Watching You is this best single the Edge released in my opinion and it's soooo good to hear it again after 20 years or so.

Watching You 7''


  1. Thanks for this rip,an underrated band.I can rip "Watching You" from a german Lp called "the Edge",a Line 1987 re that adds the singles to the Square One album.Sadly the only track missing is the B side,"Overtaking".If you want Ican send you...all the best for the new year,Roberto

  2. You're welcome Roberto. Yeah please send me Watching You. It's been years since I heard it and I'll upload it here for others.


  3. I have all The Edge material including the album Square One plus the three singles and B sides. If you want a copy then please contact me on and I'll send them to you. I have a Youtube page too with most of The Edge material on there. Am in the middle of uploading the remaining tracks. Follow this link and it will take you there.