Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Urban Waste - st (1982)

I think the USA kicked the UK's arse in the 80's in terms of quality, and quantity, of punk/hardcore bands. They had the diversity that the UK had in the 70's. I used to sit with fanzines I'd import/trade/buy from America reading about this hardcore scene like it was some mythical land filled with wonder.

So I clearly remember getting my copy of this record and it felt like I'd stolen the crown jewels. This was one of the holy grails of hardcore and I'd managed to get a copy. I couldn't believe that I paid £4 for it...and that covered the import fees! Score!!!!!

There's not a lot to say about the band if you know who they are you probably already have it, if you don't and you enjoy hardcore...you need to have this in your collection. A true classic.



  1. zero comments on youre posts.........what a shame

    Let me tell you i like youre posts very much.

    Get the Vorwarts (Suzie) 7" Swizz punk

    Really good....i ordered the Lp by Vorwarts, hope is just as good as their single

    Keep on going


  2. Thanks for the support Topper.....I can see the tunes are being downloaded so that's good enough for me :)

  3. ...forgot to say.....

    I've never heard that Vorwarts 7'', but I'll track it down. Thanks for the tip.